Praying Higher than the Ceiling

The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and deliverth them out of their troubles.  Psalms 34:17 KJV

When I turned 40, I purchased a paper lantern.  You know the type with a candle that lifts into the sky as the shell fills with hot air.  I lit the candle and carefully held it as I prayed.  Prayers of forgiveness of my shortcomings were poured into this white lantern.  Slowly letting it go, it drifted up rising higher and higher.  About 20 feet up, the floating light hits a branch in an old dead tree.  The shell is punctured and the burning lantern is stuck in the tree.  My prayers hanging much closer to the earth than Heaven, in which they were meant.  Oh, the disappointment!

How many times do we pray, only to feel like our prayers are getting stuck in a tree or no higher than the ceiling?  I Thes 5:17 tells us to pray without ceasing, but what can we do when they aren’t getting to God. 

3 Tips to deeper prayer life.

  1. Make prayer a priority.  Set time aside to pray, give up time doing something else if needed.  We set alarms for meetings and appointments on our phones all the time.  So set one for God.
  2. Make a list.  God doesn’t mind if you need a list of your prayer thoughts and requests.  He knows you need a list to go to the grocery store for 3 items (otherwise you will forget at least one).  He values your prayers.
  3. Pray aloud.  When I am in my car or home alone, I often speak my thoughts.  This helps me stay focus on my thought process.  It detours my mind from being sidetracked on random other thoughts.  When praying verbally, you stay on topic.